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The Washington Nationals are an American professional baseball team based in Washington, D.C. The Nationals compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the National League (NL) East division. From 2005 to 2007, the team played in RFK Stadium while their permanent stadium was being built. In 2008, they moved in to Nationals Park, located on South Capitol Street in the Southeast quadr


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Current Employee - Game Day Staff says

"Game day staff aren't treated as valued employees. Management appears to consider them expendable and treats them as such. Culture is non-existent for game day employees that work 81 games a year. If you aren't full time you aren't relevant. Favoritism culture that caters to those who gratuitously compliment their supervisors."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"not a good job for a real, experienced strength coach."

Former Employee - Guest Experience Representative says

"People who have been there for a long time treat the newbies like garbage. They cuss you out and call you all kinds of names. When you speak with management, nothing is done to reprimand them because "they have been there a long time". Turnover is EXTREMELY high. Some of the people in charge of certain sections bring their attitude from home to work. I was told that I should "feel lucky that I had this position". 1) it was seasonal and I didn't get many hours and 2) it was a part time job that I though could last for a long time but after being disrespected so many times, lasted a month."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"In line with what others have said here, the turnover is very high. Everyone is expendable. Get in line, don't dare speak up, or you're gone. "You should be grateful to even work here." The wrong people are put into leadership positions and are making such a mess of things. This could, and really should, be a cool place to work. But it's so dysfunctional. Even the day I interviewed, one of the employees I talked to told me to run. I wish I had listened."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The ownership group is hands on to the point where it strangles the organization. Most of the upper management group is woefully short on industry experience and lacks authority. Oay and hours are the worst in the industry."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- The culture is horrendous, and what is funny is that culture got worse after winning the World Series. A few months later, both the VP of HR and HR Manager quit, so you can take a gander of what is going on behind the scenes. - Not a lot of minority representation in meaningful positions, can feel like a boys club. - The pay is very low in consideration of the location and industry. - It doesn't feel like you're working for a sports team. The offices are very retro, not everyone you work with is even a fan of baseball, and there is a definite lack of fun around the office. After winning the World Series, it felt like a normal work week. - Ownership doesn't necessarily care about the employees, and they are completely aloof to what actually happens in the office. - Most departments are overstaffed, which can put a dent in any job growth."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low Pay Toxic frat house culture"

Former Employee - Logistics Coordinator says

"- Disorganization and lack of communication between departments - Work/life balance is almost nonexistent - There is no accountability within the organization - Higher management has no regard for life outside of the job - Hours can be inflexible - Requests from higher management can oftentimes be unrealistic, demeaning, and ridiculous"

Current Employee - Front Office says

"Scheduling sucks, being told you have to stay for OT at the last minute when you have other prior arrangements/appointments Management may seem like they care but dont...they will tell you anything to just keep you around. Supervisors seem to only look out for themselves instead of the team which is bad for morale. Not enough people to work during the days when people have off or on leave. So your forced to work more days/hours without anyone saying anything to you about or asking for your input. Lack of respect for others to the point where it’s hard for you to go to work each day and be happy about going."


"Management was inexperienced in sports management and workers from an urban environment. The Nationals hired many workers from the area surrounding the statements per their agreement with the DC Government, but treated employees as if they were at anytime going to steal anything that was not glued down."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"management was some trash you could never get what you need when when you need it such as key card to the register if and when needed another clock in card if you lose or misplace it .communication is also trash they will have you emailing calling or waiting in the office just to see or talk to some one they pay good but other then that they just some trashthe payeverything"

Everything (Former Employee) says

"It was hard to depart but the decision became easier with the dissatisfaction of management. Some departments, a lot of departments had poor management and still do. The upper management were more supportive than your manager however their jobs are to support their direct reports and you have to follow the chain of command. HR was ineffective and didn't help with most concerns and those that wanted to help couldn't because they were scared for their job security. It just changed for the worst. Best of luck to the team!! I hope things change around there and get better for all the small people working their butts off night and day behind the scenes, you know the people keeping things going.Free lunch during season, free parkingShort breaks, poor management, poor HR, great upper management but they dont always know whats going on downstairs, clubhouse great, grounds people great, facilities people are so, so."

School Academy Enrichment Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"There isn't any room to grow. No specific description of your job. Everything is done last minute. They don't communicate which always leads to confusion. The focus is supposed to be on academics and baseball but academics always gets the short hand. I understand its a baseball academy but baseball seems to be the sole focus. They'll randomly tell you don't come to work and the next thing you know you don't work for an entire month. No warning or anything. You don't even find out from management. You here it from other coworkers.Get to create bonds and form relationships with scholarsNo benefits, no career progression"

Special Police Officer (Current Employee) says

"the manager is terrible from MPD and does not have your back... the captains steal and are unorganized and always changing things that aren't in your post assignments"

Guest Experience Rep (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Washington Nationals for less than 1 month due to poor management skills and the supervisors don't care about the low level staff such as guest experience rep"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Working for the Nationals was similar to working for any other sports team with a retail section. You were either a cashier or a person who worked on the floor (i.e they simply folded shirts or asked basic merchandise knowledge)Able to listen to the baseball game and possibly catch a glimpse or the gamesuper short breaks, little to no job security"

D.C. The Nationals are a member (Current Employee) says

"Lack of solid leadership and political environment make this organization difficult to work for. Void of team president and segmented power structure can make for difficult organizational barriers to accomplishing is a fun industry to work inpoor culture"

Coordinator, Accounts Payable (Former Employee) says

"If you are looking to grow your skills, this is not the place to work. Not employee friendly and new ideas are not encouraged. If you want to get your foot in the sports world, give this place a try, but if you have had experience working in other places, do not work here."

Line Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Quality Service is a plus making sure the quest get great speedy service. Ok work if you can stand it. I learned that I will not let a guest down. So many people there don't do any workNoneHot"

(MLB) says

"Large amount of outbound phone calls, zero opportunity for advancement. Fun atmosphere but poor pay since they know they can hire anyone to take your place.Free tickets to gamesZero advancement, long hours, no overtime, make you clock out and then keep working"

Security Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The Security Manager protects the one's he like's and if your not the same color skin as him you wont make it. close to vestment in retirement out the doorfree lunchmanagement"

Special Police Officer (Current Employee) says

"A typical day of work starts as early as 4:00am. You have to screen vehicles before granting entry into the ball park and some times have them stand by because of the large inventory. I've learned that change is consistent here and not having answer is never a good idea. Depends on the department how ever security gets the blame for the wrong doing of the majority. The hardest part the job is dealing with difficult coworkers and the most enjoyable is having the freedom to roam the ball park during a game.Being employedMassive crowds"

Retail Sales Associate/Key Holder (Current Employee) says

"Associates are good to work with management will throw you under the bus if you don’t kiss their behinds. Which is not fair. Your hard work will be overlooked but management, front office individuals and lastly Ownership Sucks."

Summer Youth Employee (Former Employee) says

"the neighborhood its in is F****her than that i love the staff that works with the kids other than that i mean heyyy ! i hate baseball ! gives my child something to do !"

Sr. Manager (Former Employee) says

"Employees are worked to the bone. A cool place to work, but a tough place to work - the benefits do not outweigh the job requirements. Senior leadership doesn't take care of its people."

Box Office Ticket Seller (Former Employee) says

"I enjoy working at the Washington Nationals because of my co-workers. You do have to block out some of the other childish nonsense but if you can get pass that it can be really fun. The pay is fair and your hours are flexible because you are able to sign up for shifts. Now the management staff is something totally different. 95% of the time they act as if they don't see you so no they don't speak.....even if you do. They act annoyed has if you're disturbing them when you go to them with a question or issue the requires management approval. They show favoritism towards some employees. Last comment on management they need additional training in management and communications."

Inside Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Working for the Nats allowed me to work in professional sports which had been my dream for a long time. I enjoyed meeting new people and helping my clients have a great experience during the season. However, if you don't live close to the stadium it will be difficult to make friends. I found upper management in my department to say that they wanted to help, but never did when I asked for help in my career growth. They also pay very little for part time and do not value those employees even though they basically work full time."

Manager, Sponsorship Activation (Former Employee) says

"Long hours, little reward. Experience is directly connected to the department you are apart of. Ownership group and company needs swag, benefitslong hours, low compensation"

Concessions Inventory Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"At the Nationals I was responsible for ensuring that all the concessions products were delivered, from food and beverages to utensils, cups, and all items need for the kitchens. I was required to complete inventory counts of items, and ensure that the proper items were being delivered when order from the warehouse on a daily basis. If there were any discrepancies, I would have to make a note and inform the warehouse of missing, or overstocked product, so that inventory could be corrected when needed. I also had to do counts of the inventory to ensure correct product was being stocked and ensure no missing product. At times I was also managing warehouse workers to aid in restocking product orders. Additional responsibilities were ensuring that all food and beverage prep areas were being kept clean, helping with the restocking of kegs of beer, keeping chill chambers stocked with beverages, and helping the cash room exchange money for the cashiers during the games.there were always new tasks to be learnedwith all the new tasks, there were short time frames given to complete all tasks, and many times no additional help for certian tasks when needed."

Baseball/Softball Coordinator & Coach (Former Employee) says

"The coaches job is to train student athletes, which could be a vigorous task at times. However, it is essential to the program and is often overlooked or underappreciated. The program is a rewarding one but could be much better if the coaches were shown appreciation through earnings and benefits.Nationals Games, TripsPay, Growth"

Kyle McDonald says

"They don't give you pictures of actual printed shirts, it's all Photoshop. So the quality you get is awful compared to what they advertise. They won't refund you at all and standby their garbage and deception. They have really clever products but the quality is absolutely awful. Do not get suckered by this scam company"

Mitch says

"SCAM SITE Ordered a poster from them but via a website calle Awful quality and won't give a refund, told them I thought they were a scam site, just replied "sorry for the inconvenience" Avoid!"

Disappointed Grandma says

"The tee shirt I ordered for my grandson is garbage! It’s made out of the most cheapest material I’m sure they could find (feels like burlap) I doubt my grandson will even wear it. Don’t waste your money!!!!"

Suzers von Icking says

"Scam website. 2 months and a lot of complaints to get 2/3 of my order. Quality pitiful. The company does not refund. Google them for reviews (terrible) and there are Facebook sites about what a rip off website this is."

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